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Hi I am Ashley Grace Torres and I share a common interest in Photography. I specifically love travel photography and capturing the moments of the action in the scenic views. The way the Lord created the world wasn't by incident. It was all planned and called very good by our

creator (Genesis 1:27-31). This is the purpose behind my photography. To simply share with you the perfect creations the Lord has made.

I began my love for photography at an early age and its grown over the years from 2015-2022. As my family and I have traveled the USA we have taken in some breathe taking views. Along with learning many things over the years that I have a desire to share with y'all. I am the youngest of 5 children ages range from 17-21. We started taking RV trips in the summer of 2015. We began our adventures in the West Coast and have continued through the West Coast until 2022 when we decided to go up the east coast for the first trip in our new RV.