Hello! My name is Fernando and this is my photography gallery. Where I show my portfolio. I didn't want to call this page with my name so I decided to call it “The Gathering Shot”. I just like it.

In this page you will find only my very best work. My portafolio, series and projects. In Flickr and Instagram you will find my entire public work.

I try to take photographs to all those things that have something unusual, special or are just different for me. This is what I try, but it’s not always achieved, of course. I usually put tittles in my photos to express that unusual thing that motivated me to took it.

Photos on this site have all right reserved and can not be used without my authorization. If you want to order a print or use any of my images, please, contact me. Some of my photos has been sold to illustrate products or ideas in magazines and brochures.

I'm from Spain and I work as video game programmer. 

You can contact me at hola@frodrig.com. Below you can find links to my presence in Flickr, Instagram and Twitter.

This photoblog was created in January 07-2010 and it has been redesigned in May 01-2018.

Thank you very much for take a moment and take a look to my photos.